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Cyndi interviews Dr Chris Exley a professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry for her students at The Nutrition Academy. She believes that the information is so important that she is sharing it with Up For A Chat. Dr Exley has been studying aluminum in living systems for well over three decades and was unknown until he began researching aluminum adjuvants in vaccines. He then lost his funding, came under fire and has become the vaccine industry’s number one public enemy. His latest blog released 2nd December 2019 titled Aluminium Adjuvants in Vaccines; Missing Information, is well referenced and suggested reading. Go to his instagram (professorchris) click on the link in his bio and become informed.
Christopher Exley’s has published 185 research works with 4972 citations and 11406 reads.

Cyndi’s comments on the interview;
I’ve been listening to Dr Chris Exley for about a year with regards to The Aluminium Age.
Dr Exley is a professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry, began his undergraduate degree at Stirling and is presently a Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry and group leader of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele University, and is an honorary professor at the UHI Millennium Institute.

His understanding of Aluminium is living things started 35 years ago when he was studying fish. His 2018 published article on Aluminium and Autism you can read it here created a plethora of negative publicity for the humble scientist. But as you listen to this wonderful interview you will begin to understand that he is a scientist seeking the truth. I heard a quote recently by Yuval Noah Harari he said, “Science is about profit not the truth” when it comes to corporations, but individuals seek the truth. Chris and his team have found a truth that profitable corporations don’t want him to find. Listen in as he explains the Aluminium Age.

The water Chris Talks about in Australia is called, they are based out of Ballarat. Their silica-rich water is just under Fiji water at 68mg/litre

If you would like to contact Chris

Christopher Exley PhD FRSB
Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry
Aluminium and Silicon Research Group
The Birchall Centre, Lennard-Jones Laboratories,
Keele University, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG, UK
Tel: 44 1782 734080; Email:

Chris’s Medical Blog: you will not want to miss this, it has some great articles which then lead you to science articles written by Chris and other researchers.

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