Show Notes

Rachael Treasure is a mother, regenerative agriculturalist and author. She set her sights on becoming a rural journalist and writing a bestseller that would showcase contemporary rural women, who were comfortable in, and caring of, their farming landscape. As a young Tasmanian on ‘the mainland’ Rachael saw a profound disconnection emerging between the land and women in the growing culture of modern industrial agriculture. Her first novel, ‘Jillaroo’ (2002) has become an iconic contemporary work of fiction, changing the face of Australian publishing and kick-starting a boom of rural women’s fiction. Her 7th book is White Horses.

The Chatters feel like they have found another soul sister, the conversation bounces between, Cyndi’s love of Regenerative Farming, Carren’s love of mind and spirit and Kim’s love of diving in deep to ask the most pertinent questions to get the best out of our guests. By the end of the chat, all three chatters are keen to read Rachaels books, visit her farm and become her best friend.