Show Notes

Reina Weiner is a Healthcare and Patient Advocacy Coach, a former National Oncology Trainer and Nursing Instructor, multi-book author and presently a cancer patient in remission. Reina talks to the chatters about her new book, Trust Your Doctor…but Not That Much-Be Your Own Best Healthcare Advocate offers an honest and insightful book based on both her professional experience and her own personal journey with cancer.

Filled with helpful advice, Reina provides a roadmap so you, the patient, can get better healthcare as well as the encouragement and support for what can often be a confusing, frustrating and difficult path.

In her book and this interview with the chatters you’ll discover:
▪ How to find the best healthcare provider for you and prepare for a productive office visit
▪ How to build rapport and a mutually respectful relationship with your healthcare provider
▪ What it’s like to participate in a clinical trial?
▪ Why and when do you need to seek a second opinion?
▪ How the words used by your healthcare provider can facilitate your healing
▪ Final plans – choices we all need to create for the end of our lives

As Reina states in the intro to her book, “The main objective is for patients to feel empowered and to obtain the answers and treatment they need.” It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to be their own best healthcare advocate or in support of a loved one’s healthcare journey!

Reina can be reached at