Show Notes

Dr. Don Huber plant pathologist and advocate for more science and testing in the area of glyphosate, GMO’s and soil ecology was interviewed by Cyndi for her education arm FNA and strongly urged her to interview Professor Dana Stanley from Central Queensland University. This podcast is about the health of the GUT, Dana is like the Australian resident Giulia Enders, famed author of GUT. Her research her knowledge of the GUT both for animals and plants is breath taking, but practical.

Dana obtained her PhD at Victoria University, Melbourne, in the area of yeast molecular biology and mutagenesis. She then went on to work at CSIRO in the avian research. Dr Stanley is one of Australia’s highest contributors to the field in veterinary science in the area of poultry intestinal microbiota.

It was from this that she began to focus on human disease and the microbiota. She is currently developing probiotics with enhanced epigenetic effects to be used in agricultural breeding stock. Complementary to the role of microbiota in health, she is investigating the role of microbiota in disease prevention especially Necrotic Enteritis and Spotty Liver Disease.

Dr. Stanley established her reputation as a researcher in intestinal microbiota through long-term investigations in human health that has resulted in high impact publications. Some of her main research projects in 2017 investigate alternative antibiotic development, prostate cancer, bariatric surgery, faecal transplant purification, stroke and colitis.

It’s quite the conversation and to Carren’s credit, the chatters talked all things poo!