Show Notes

Cyndi met Robyn Lewis earlier in 2019 at a Women’s event in a small country town – Beerowa NSW. Her story was so compelling and her departure from 37 years of addiction is a story worth hearing, so the Chatters decided to spend some time learning about Robyn’s life. Robyn see’s her 37 years of addiction as being in training for what she does now – Smart Recovery. Robyn explains what are the signs that you need to look out for as a parent as well as how generations of abuse can lead to more generations of abuse. Time to break the cycle and pull together as a community to turn toward people in trouble rather than turning away. Another riveting episode that leaves you thinking more about our society and the breakdown in mental health, but also a story of hope that recovery is possible. Robyn’s weekly wish to end her life was stopped by a glimmer of hope that she was a good and kind person after all, she just needed to find help. As she explains help is not there, it’s too far away more often than not.