Show Notes

Elicit – swearing twice bloody and fuck

In my twenties I knew everything, my thirties I lost everything, today I question everything…Todd Preston. The Chatters have the opportunity to interview one extraordinary man. Todd was bought up in the Mormon Church at 19 on his mission he knew everything, he says he had cognitive dissonance about his belief, at 25 he realized he knew nothing and began to read, by 35 he needed to leave the church and question everything, but his wife the daughter of an elder would not leave and would not let Todd have anything to do with their, 4 daughters. Penniless he thought about taking his life, but something stopped him and with $300 left and 2 suitcases he landed in NZ in 2010 to begin a new life. Now married and with three children his life begins again questioning everything. The chatters fall for this amazing man who through adversity has come out the other side ready to start life again. He yearns for contact with his 4 daughters who are now merging into adulthood but they believe he is the devil. This Chatter episode is – you can’t hear a pin drop!!! Listen in on this incredible story.

Todd is a prolific writer you can read his articles here –
Books by Todd
Religious Rehab; A Memoir
Sacred Road: my journey through abuse, leaving the Mormons & embracing spirituality