Show Notes

The Changing Habits Market Place is always on the hunt for new foods, they must be ethical, trusted, organic and/or chemical free and more often than not have a great story about how they came about. Krista is a leader in agricultural innovation and the co-founder and Managing Director of Natural Evolution, a company specializing in green banana and other waste produce products.

She is an advocate for innovation and disruption, and passionate about reinvigorating the Australian Food manufacturing industry.

Krista’s interest in reducing waste and finding uses for unsaleable produce led to the development of Natural Evolution in 2015. Following tireless work and research, she and husband Rob built the worlds first pharmaceutical grade green banana processing facility and pioneered the process of turning produce in functional foods and cosmetics.

The business has experienced remarkable growth, expanding into international markets and winning sustainability and innovation awards in Australia and overseas .

Their product – green banana flour, high in tryptophan and resistance starch, inhibits growth of e-coli and staph as well as tastes good and can be used in cooking or smoothies.

This is a story that gives you goose bumps, a young couple a destroyed crop and now known as the biggest banana flour makers in the world, all in regional Queensland.  Kim and Cyndi interview Krista and are in awe of what she has achieved.  You will notice a background noise, she lives on a farm and it was hard for us to get her for an interview where either the kids were not wanting her or the farm was not working.

To learn more about Krista go to or go to the Changing Habits Market place and purchase the banana flour and sweet potato flour.