Show Notes

Taylor Winterstein is on a mission, a young 29 year old mother of 2 and wife to a professional athlete.  She has a fire in her belly and nothing will stop her helping the next generations of parents to take back control of their family’s health.  She hasn’t always lived the healthy lifestyle, but a documentary woke her up and from there Taylor has become a self educated veracious learner to understand health not only for her family but for all who read and listen to her.  Her instagram tays_way_  has had death threats as she dares to talk about a taboo subject. Taylor has always innately lived her truth and her life unapologetically for herself, never seeking validation off others. She is a fierce truth-seeker and a #mumonamission to help other parents take back control of their families health, tune into their paternal intuition and consciously parent by heart.

Listen in as the Chatters find out about her life and now her mission.  For more information go to