Show Notes

Belinda Fettke is the wife of Gary Fettke a Launceston Orthopedic Surgeon who was given a life long nutrition and diet gag sentence without appeal by his medical governing body  (AHPRA) for recommending a low carbohydrate  diet to his diabetic patients.  Belinda is not only supportive of her husband but has uncovered some damming information related to the Dietitians Association of Australia, some members of the food industry  that were party to a witch hunt on Dr Fettke.  The chatters have their jaws on the floor as Belinda tells the story of how her and Gary’s life were turned upside down and then eventually AHPRA gave Gary an apology and withdrew all charges and the gag order.   This episode will inform you about regulatory bodies, the DAA, the food industry and much more.  Not to be missed.

To find out more about Belinda and Gary go to:

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