Show Notes

Elizabeth Ashley is one of the world’s leading essential oil researchers, and the author of 20 essential oils manuals including her Amazon category number one best selling work “Cannabis Medicine”.
Unlike other authorities, she takes the knowledge of the plant right back to its earliest historical origins and then traces it through to the most contemporary research in the clinical labs.

Her mind-body-spirit medicine elucidates how disease emanates from our feelings and emotional responses to life and how an essential oil can liberate us from their bondage. Her engaging writing is full of personality and giggles and she draws from her experiences of messing with bottles of oil in The Secret Healer’s Shed whilst juggling the joys of motherhood of three children, writing for four magazines and her marriage to her most beloved husband, The Strong Silent One.

Elizabeth is the host of the brand new online ‘Beyond The Essential Oil Recipe’ Online Summit, which our very own Kimmy is one of the presenters, that you can join for free here