Show Notes

At the last minute, Kim messages Carren asking her to be the ‘surprise’ guest speaker at her HLE graduation event! With arms waving in the air and hair on fire, Carren can’t think of anything more fun! She races over to Kim’s office and what you’re about to listen to is the most unprepared, unscripted presentation Carren has given, but in her own words: “I loved every minute of it and it was the most fun I’ve had on stage this year!”

Covering topics from Byron Katie’s The Work including Carren’s spectacular comprehension of My Business, Your Business and Universal Business, all the way to how to quiet the busy noise between our two ears, Carren encourages us to step up and invite the Universe to be our partner in all things life, love and business. She also explores what the very nature of ‘Self’ is in a way that only she can. Noodle baking, thought provoking, inspiring and remarkably curious, this is a super power Carren Smith special event!

We hope that you will forgive the sound quality on this recording as Carren did the best she could with what she had. It’s our hope that you will love this episode so much, you won’t even notice the sound! Enjoy!