Show Notes

Cyndi has just had her third graduation weekend for the Functional Nutrition Academy.  Graduates are doing great things in their community, helping people make changes to their health by focusing on changing the foods they buy and consume.  Not only is this changing their health but that of their community.  Cyndi interviews three graduates from different backgrounds.  Marni is a self-proclaimed ‘recovering dietitian’, Melinda had a husband who had been in an accident and was not healing and she also had some health challenges and Bec was a Victorian policewoman whose love and passion since having children was teaching healthy eating to not only her children but children in the class room.  This inspirational interview shows vision on all three graduates.  Watch this space?  This is part of a video series that Cyndi has created called The History of Eating – to watch the entire series go to ‘The Evolution of Diet Video Series’

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