Show Notes

Kim recently enjoyed a trip to Canberra and Parliament House. Not only did she get to meet and spend time with the honorable Julie Bishop (who loves her oils incidentally!) she also had an amazing opportunity to interview Federal Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace.

This 30minute Interview will give some insights into the world of a politician. Like many, Kim felt watching our political leaders was a bit of a comedy show. Her two-day visit completely changed her mind. The endless hours of work, calls, meetings, decisions, speaking and team targets to accomplish was mind-boggling.

Whatever your political tendency, preference or lean Kim speaks candidly with Andrew as a man, husband and father, a leader and a representative of the people. There is no agenda here just an open-hearted discussion on a day in the life of a Parliamentarian.

The son of a motor mechanic, Andrew began his working life as an apprentice carpenter and joiner. After completing an apprenticeship, he became a builder and started a business. In his late twenties, and with three young children at the time, Andrew decided to use his experience in the building and construction industry to do a law degree and become a construction lawyer. Andrew practiced law all over Queensland from his base here on the Coast.

Andrew has always had a passion for the local community, having first become involved in charitable groups at the age of 14. He has always had a passion for politics too and is now incredibly proud and honored to spent almost half his year in Canberra representing his electorate.