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TNN #24 The Natural Nutritionist

19, Jun, 2017
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Show Notes

It was such a thrill to catch up with Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist on this episode!

We share much the same philosophy around food and are passionate about sharing this with our clients and community.

Steph has a fantastic new book out called “The Real Food Athlete”, so we chat about that, as well as our support for the “JERF” approach to eating (Just Eat Real Food).

We cover off on the low carbohydrate/high fat diet that we often prescribe to our clients and why this works for most people and the myths and obstacles we are faced with when prescribing this diet.

Steph and I tackle to government’s food guidelines and why this method of eating in most cases doesn’t work, why using Google to find out the best diet for you is not helpful and the confusion around healthy fats!

We’re grateful for Steph’s time and knowledge on this episode and can’t wait to chat to her again!

You can find out more about Steph over on her website here, or on social media @thenaturalnutritionist

Steph also has a podcast on The Wellness Couch (The Real Food Reel), which this podcast will be on next month, you can find that here.

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