Show Notes

Stress and anxiety specialist Susie Garden joins me on this episode! Susie helps women feeling stressed, fatigued and anxious find their way back to a clear mind, a healthy body and a life that lights them up through her Wellness Clinic in Brisbane, divine Wellness Retreats and group program, The Anxiety Taming Method, as well as her podcast called The Wellness Glow.

Together, we discuss managing stress, trauma and mental health, diet and mind-body techniques, the gut-brain connection and so much more. Susie came to be interested in stress management from a long career in the corporate world, where she experienced severe burnout from her busy lifestyle. Yoga “saved her life” as she turned to self-care and a massive lifestyle change to heal herself and go on to share this with others.

A relatable and thoroughly interest episode! For more on Susie, head to her website and follow her on Instagram at @susiegardenwellness

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