Show Notes

This episode is sponsored by Remedy Kombucha.

With special guest Joshua Pole from Infuse Health in Newcastle!

Movement coach and business owner Josh is on the show today to share his philosophy around movement and the ethos of the business he co-runs with his wife, Rach.

What is “movement” you may be thinking? It’s a broad term, including exercises, sports, yoga, gymnastics, stretching, climbing, running, all within in a gym setting, to better equip you in your life.

The movement way is to address and correct the sedentary lifestyle that most of us live these days. It’s all about reconnecting the body and learning cognitive skills, challenging our bodies to move like they did so easily when we were children.

We discuss the necessity of movement in everyone’s life for their longevity, specificity of exercise and sport and how movement can help, the nitty gritty of some movement exercises and so much more!

If you’re in Newcastle, head along to Infuse to enjoy a movement class for yourself!

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