Show Notes

This episode we has the pleasure of chatting to Jason Parks, an Energetic Therapy Specialist from The Life Principle in Southern Tasmania.

His journey into the world of healing started in the mid 1980’s through meditation and Qi Gong. This led him to become a 32nd Generation Disciple of the Song Shan Shaolin Temple where he served as a Civil Monk for five years. During this time, he studied a range of skills including exorcism, Feng Shui, space clearing and energy manipulation.

Jason is also qualified as a master practitioner of Qi Gong. After leaving the tradition to  study a range of natural healing modalities in both Eastern and Western traditions. Since then, he has worked as an Energy Therapy Specialist, doing thousands of sessions with clients around Australia and the world.

This episode was a really wonderful and timely insight into how to perceive and expand our energy fields. Jason also went into how men aren’t taught how to tap into these energies, but if we can teach them from a younger age how to connect into their heart space then they’ll have this as a benchmark going forwards in their lives.