BMR 32: Fearvana with Akshay Nanavati

Can fear and nirvana co-exist? Yes! It can be an access point to bliss and enlightenment according to this weeks guest Akshay Nanavati. Akshay is a speaker, athlete, author, former US marine and founder of Fearvana. Akshay’s book comes with the highest recommendations – including one from the Dalai Lama himself. In this interview, we talk through what… Continue reading BMR 32: Fearvana with Akshay Nanavati

BQS 4: Action Taker vs Procrastinator

In this episode Dr M discusses how procrastination can take over from action taking. If there was a subject at Uni on Procrastination at Uni, Dr M would have got top marks…. Dr M shares her thoughts on how to break the procrastination cycle and become an action taker in easy simple steps. To stay… Continue reading BQS 4: Action Taker vs Procrastinator

BQS 3: Curve Balls

In this episode, Dr M discusses the curve balls that are thrown our way. Having our buttons pushed can throw curve balls into our days that can throw us off course. Being in control of how you respond to button pushing can be the difference in achieving your goals or staying in your current state.… Continue reading BQS 3: Curve Balls