TWIW 108: Microplastics in rice

This Week In Wellness a world first study investigating the levels of plastic in store bought rice has shown that Australians may be consuming up to 13mg of plastic per serve. And this plastic appears to be primarily as a result of plastics used in both agriculture and processing practices rather than packaging.… Continue reading TWIW 108: Microplastics in rice

WWR 186: Oestrogen Metabolism

Have you ever wondered how your body processes, metabolises and detoxifies your hormones? Safe processing and clearance of your oestrogen hormones from your body is essential for health and hormone balance but is also protective against oestrogen driven conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis and even breast cancer. Tune in now to understand the ins and… Continue reading WWR 186: Oestrogen Metabolism

TWIW 22: Oestrogen linked to autism

This Week In Wellness high levels of Oestrogen in the womb may be linked to the likelihood of a child developing Autism. In a recent study by a team of scientists at the University of Cambridge and the State Serum Institute in Denmark. Published in Molecular Psychology researchers collected amniotic fluid and compared the levels… Continue reading TWIW 22: Oestrogen linked to autism