AQJ 96: The Gut Movie with Kale Brock

Kale Brock is traveling Australia raising awareness of the importance of gut health with his new documentary, The Gut Movie – a fascinating story of poo, and the future of medicine! Kale talks us through how he became interested in gut health, why he decided to make a documentary on the gut health of the… Continue reading AQJ 96: The Gut Movie with Kale Brock

TWG 319: Food Safari Earth

This week the boys interview Maeve O’Meara from the amazing SBS show Food Safari Earth. Maeve (no relation to our very own Cyndi) shares her passion for food that has inspired her to investigate the wonderful ways that vegetables are cooked and prepared all over the world. With endless enthusiasm and delight for the food… Continue reading TWG 319: Food Safari Earth

What The Health

Have you seen the What the Health documentary? If you haven’t don’t worry, we’re summing it up for you today because so many of our listeners and patients have been either raving about it or turning vegan! Before you completely overhaul your diet though, please make sure you ask a few questions and do some… Continue reading What The Health