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Teaching kids to cook with real food is important for their future, and the future of our planet. Our children’s enjoyment of cooking begins with our attitude towards food and cooking, and often is dependant on mum or dad being organised so they have the time and headspace to include the kids in the meal prep.

In this episode, Jo chats with her friend Dani Valent about everything from simplifying your cooking, decluttering your pantry, reducing stress in the kitchen, and using the ingredients you have on hand… to teaching your kids how to cook and eat well, and how to get them started on the path of loving good food! If cooking dinner makes you feel stressed, or you don’t know where to begin with teaching the kids to cook, listen in and get some great ideas to make life easier.

Dani is a mum of three, has over 20 years experience as a food writer, is the author of three amazing Thermomix cookbooks, has run cooking classes all over the world, and loves to share her passion for good food via her classes, cooking videos, website, and cookbooks.

“The way I see it, good food is central to a life well-lived. It’s nourishment and energy. It’s a way to gather – in the field, the market, in the kitchen and at the table. It’s culture, ritual, history and future. It’s art, craft and science. It’s sensual and – believe me – it can get emotional. Let me tell you about the time I wept with joy over some beautiful cheesecake… Of course, it’s also just breakfast, lunch and dinner, simply getting yourself and those around you fed, fuelled and satisfied in a practical no-nonsense way. I get it!… I’m also a mum so I know all about getting food on the table for the family.” – Dani Valent

Listen in as Dani shares some of her best tips for teaching kids to love good food as much as you do, and learn to enjoy spending time together in the kitchen.

[Illustration by Meg Rennie, for the Melbourne Kitchen Project]

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