WWR 206: Medicinal Cannabis with Dr Ben Jansen

On this special episode of Wellness Women Radio we answer all the questions you’ve ever had about medicinal cannabis with Dr Ben Jansen from CDA Clinics!  We cover the history of cannabis and the taboo or stigma still surrounding it, it’s medicinal uses particularly for women’s health and even in the context of things like… Continue reading WWR 206: Medicinal Cannabis with Dr Ben Jansen

TWIW 30: Cannabis legalised

This Week In Wellness the ACT Government has voted to legalise cannabis for personal use with residents over the age of 18 allowed to possess 50 grams of cannabis and grow 2 plants. Whilst the possession and growth of cannabis would remain a federal offence and the risk of prosecution is “not entirely removed” in… Continue reading TWIW 30: Cannabis legalised