Show Notes

It’s been several months since Lismore and surrounding areas of the Northern Rivers in NSW experienced flooding beyond what anyone ever thought was possible. While they went under and struggled to just stay alive and have basic needs met, so many of us watched on from afar, feeling utterly shocked and helpless.

But out of every tragedy and disaster comes stories of determination, resilience, resolve and community. And this week’s guests have created something truly special that our whole naturopathic industry is talking about, and that is – to bring FREE natural healthcare to those affected when they needed it the most.

There are two types of people in the world – those who say “someone should do something about that,” and others who say “I am that someone.”

This dream team of Erin Lovell Verinder and Sarah Mann is the latter.

As the floods were still raging, they were mobilising. First with a callout to naturopaths and herbalists to please send through whatever donations they could manage of herbs and supplements, then the big companies, then investors to make it happen on a larger scale.

And Community Herbal Care was born. Tune into this episode to find out how they did it.

We are stronger as an industry when we work together, and it fills me with joy to see our best and brightest praccies working together like this. So please enjoy this inspiring and heart-warming chat with Erin and Sarah.

(Pic thanks to Amanda Callan aka @amanda.naturopathy).
Community Herbal Care needs your help! 

The recovery in the Northern Rivers is still happening… and they will continue to need our help for months (maybe even years) to come. All donations, big and small, will be received with huge amounts of gratitude.

Please visit their Go Fund Me page here.

And you can also watch their progress on Instagram here.
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