Show Notes

Join me as I sit down with Dr. Adeels Afiz, a renowned specialist in Mind-Body-Energy transformation. With a rich background in chiropractic, applied science, neurology, kinesiology, and coaching, Dr. Afiz is the founder of the Life Whispering Institute, dedicated to empowering practitioners and individuals worldwide. In this engaging conversation, Dr. Afiz shares her journey from chiropractor to online mentor, offering invaluable wisdom on mindset shifts for business breakthroughs.

In the episode, we cover:

Dr. Afiz’s transition from her successful chiropractic practice to online mentoring
Transitioning existing clients into the new model of online care
Overcoming economic challenges
Addressing common money blocks hindering business growth
Exploring effective selling strategies
Stepping out of comfort zones for accelerated business results
Common struggles faced by practitioners
Practical advice for achieving a balance between healing and business management
Don’t miss this episode as Dr. Adeels Afiz shares her practical strategies for natural health practitioners aiming to achieve business breakthroughs.

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