Show Notes

Step into the world of business growth and digital marketing in my latest podcast featuring Ann Thai, an entrepreneur renowned for her ability to transform ventures into profitable businesses. With a background in law and a successful track record in launching and scaling businesses across various industries, Ann brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. In this episode, she shares insights into her journey, strategies for success, and expert advice on leveraging Meta ads (Facebook & Instagram) for business growth.

Together we explore:

  • How Ann launched her beauty brand when her second child was just 3 days old and turned over $1mil in the first year
  • The struggles she faced building her business and how she overcame them
  • Why some believe Facebook ads don’t work
  • The formula for maximising the effectiveness of paid advertisements
  • Audience targeting and re-targeting
  • The different stages of a funnel and how to use this to convert more leads
  • The power of storytelling to engage with your audience
  • How to work out the best budget for your ads and more.


To find out more about Ann, visit her website or Instagram page.

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