Show Notes

Join me for episode 28 as I sit down with Hannah Boyd, a respected naturopath, herbalist, and founder of New Leaf Naturopathic Health. 

In this candid conversation, Hannah opens up about the importance of accepting imperfection in both personal and professional life. She shares insights into the pitfalls of social media and offers valuable advice on networking with other professionals to establish a reliable referral source.

We explore effective strategies for expanding your client base and overcoming challenges such as burnout and patient boundaries. Hannah provides practical tips for navigating obstacles in practice including how to improve treatment compliance while delivering personalised care.

We also delve into Hannah’s role as President of the NHAA and their efforts to reinstate rebates for natural health services, uncovering the ongoing advocacy work and the potential future for rebates in the industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the field, this episode offers a wealth of wisdom and inspiration. 

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