Show Notes

In today’s episode, I talk with money management coach and founder of Insight Spending Planners, Marlene Schmidt.

Together we explore the common challenges faced by business owners in managing their finances and meeting tax obligations. Marlene provides actionable strategies to alleviate overwhelm and establish solid financial foundations for sustainable success in your natural health practice. From essential business numbers that should be monitored regularly to common financial mistakes to avoid, Marlene offers insights to empower business owners to navigate their finances with ease.

Discover practical advice on paying yourself from your business, effectively managing the separation between personal and business finances, and understanding the critical concept of cash flow for maintaining the financial health of your practice. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your financial management skills, this episode equips you with the knowledge necessary to thrive in your business.

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Marlene’s Finance Fundamentals Guide for Entrepreneurs can also be found here.

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