Show Notes

Episode 19

Join me for another engaging episode of Supercharge My Practice where special guest Ella Worsley, co-founder of The Enlighten Co, podcaster and holistic well-being practitioner, shares invaluable insights into building a thriving practice through effective client retention strategies. With a multi-modality rich background, Ella has mastered the art of creating transformative experiences, from private client sessions to hosting over 20 Retreats.

Ella unveils the key strategies behind her journey, the marketing techniques that have propelled her success, how she elevates client experiences, and the impact this has on her overall business growth. Together we explore the critical importance of client retention, as Ella shares measures to foster ongoing connections, turning clients into advocates who refer others.

Drawing from her extensive experience, Ella discusses overcoming challenges in client retention and satisfaction and how she strikes a balance between personalised attention where every client feels valued and supported, and managing the scalability of her business.

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