Show Notes

Embark on an enlightening journey with my latest interview featuring Amy Mingin, a seasoned Women’s Health Naturopath, Mindset Mentor & Business Coach with over 16 years of expertise. In this episode, Amy discusses how a regulated nervous system is the secret source of a flourishing practice. She dives deep into how chronic stress impacts the nervous system and, consequently, hinders the ability to manage and grow businesses.

Discover common signs and symptoms that business owners may overlook when their nervous system is under stress. Amy also unveils the dynamics of feminine and masculine energy, dispelling burnout misconceptions, and emphasising the importance of embracing both energies for sustained success.

Amy also shares practical advice to navigate the ebbs and flows of business and the inevitable challenges. We explore the crucial aspect of setting healthy boundaries, particularly for practitioners dealing with demanding patients and preventative measures against burnout and chronic stress.

Join me in this thought-provoking conversation with Amy, where her invaluable wisdom serves as a guide to help you transform overwhelm into strategic personal and professional growth!

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