Show Notes

In episode 10, we uncovered a common trait among the most successful practitioners: their profound understanding of practice metrics. In this week’s episode, I wanted to dive deep into this subject and what better way than to sit down with the amazing Elicia Crook, co-founder of Health Leader Co, and a distinguished Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapist boasting over twenty years of expertise.

Elicia’s vast experience in establishing a thriving business with a team of nine practitioners who served over 100 clients weekly, combined with her track record of coaching numerous clinicians to achieve success, firmly establishes her as an invaluable asset for any natural health practitioner looking to grow their own business. 

Our conversation delves deep into the crucial metrics that every practice owner should be well-versed in, the significance of these numbers and how to measure them effectively. Elicia also generously shares her top three strategies for attracting new clients and how to efficiently manage the administrative demands of a prosperous practice, without compromising the quality of patient care. This episode is brimming with practical insights that can revolutionise your natural health practice. Don’t miss out on this transformative discussion!

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