Show Notes

Welcome to episode 8 of Supercharge My Practice, where we delve into the remarkable practice journey of Dr. Andrea Huddleston, a specialist in women’s health, integrative chiropractor, and co-host of the award-winning podcast ‘Wellness Women Radio’.

In this episode, we explore the transformative power of niching, the pivotal role podcasting has played in propelling Dr. Andrea’s career, and the secondary income streams she’s cultivated.

What might astonish many listeners is that Dr. Andrea doesn’t rely on conventional marketing techniques, maintains an irregular social media presence, yet boasts a substantial following and a business that flourishes.

Tune in to unveil the strategies that Dr. Andrea has used to build a prosperous and fulfilling natural health practice without the grind of traditional advertising methods. Dr. Andrea also imparts invaluable advice for fellow practitioners on their business journeys.