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SLP 222: Self Love Quicky – Neroli Essential Oil

Episode 222
13, Oct, 2022
}10 Minutes

Show Notes

Neroli is steam distilled from the orange blossom flower of the Bitter Orange tree. The tree produces three different essential oils – from the rind of the fruit come Orange essential oil; from the leaves comes Petitgrain essential oil, and from the small yet fragrant white blossoms comes Neroli. The Bitter Orange Tree is an evergreen that has dark leaves, small dark fruit and lovely white blossoms.

The sweet scent reaches deep into the soul to help us stabilise or regenerate. If your feeling hopeless or lost about a longstanding situation and there is tension and exhaustion, call upon Neroli to be your aromatic support. When we are easily angered, Neroli brings hopes to shift our mood to a more relaxed state, and it helps us to experience life with joy and a sense of calmness. Neroli is like a diamond providing light and reducing the emptiness. She offers the gift of strength and courage and helps us to see beauty in life.

Neroli is a great oil for every skin type, and is wonderful to use on inflammed and sensitive skin. It is soothing and calming to the skin, and is also known to help promote new cell growth and regeneration.

Not only can we use the flowers to make the oil, but we can also use the waters from the distillation which is known as orange flower water or orange blossom water. It is quite a popular cosmetic ingredient – a spritz of the Neroli water is wonderful in the afternoon for pick me up.

With Neroli like most essential oils less is more we don’t want to overstimulate and nervous systems so one or two drops is all you need. A 5ml bottle of Neroli will last for a long time so it is well worth the investment.

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The sweet scent reaches deep into the soul to help us stabilise or regenerate
Neroli is all about choice
Neroli is considered the rescue remedy of the aromatherapy world
It helps alleviate shock stress and anxiety
Neroli brings hopes to shift our mood to a more relaxed state
It offers the gift of strength and courage and helps us to see beauty in life
Neroli can assist in reducing anxiety
Neroli flowers have been used to signify purity
Neroli will last for a long time, so it is well worth the investment

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