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SLP 104: Self Love Quicky – Celebrate the little Wins over Winter

Episode 104
26, Aug, 2021
}8 Minutes

Show Notes

It’s so important to take time to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how little or small they might seem. The big monumental ones are not the only ones worth recognising. Life is a constant journey and all about what happens in between the big wins and although you have probably heard it all before, we all know, it is about the journey not just the destination.

Take a moment to realise over these cooler months that the more you celebrate your little wins, the more you get to see how much there is to be grateful for. And being grateful nurtures the neurological, mental, emotional and spiritual self. So why not…

~ Give yourself 2 minutes and body boost every morning using your favourite body boost blend

~ Turn on your Diffuser and give thanks to one simple thing you have in your life as you do it

~ Take an Aroma Mist with you in your hand bag or car and on the hour every hour stand, stretch, spritz and smile

~ Use a nourishing Face Serum every day through the colder months, say something beautiful to yourself as you do

~ Inhale your favourite essential oil slowly and make a wish

~ Give yourself a face mask and for 10 minutes do nothing but acknowledge all the little things you do well

And remember no matter how big or small:

– Your work will never be done
– Your inbox will never be empty
– Your world will never stop changing
– Your body will never be perfect
– Your desires will never end

So take a deep breath, be grateful for what you DO have and always celebrate your little WINS!


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