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‘In fairness and open disclosure, I have definitely had my moments of pity party, you know… I’m very normal like everyone else. There’s been some hard moments. You know, finger painting poop on the wall or on the television screen. The kids cut into the speaker cone when things were at their worst. My kids are a little bit alphabet soup. My youngest has a diagnosis of ADHD and asperges. So you know, if not me then whom? Is really a very driving force behind everything I do.’

With a number of huge challenges as a young man, not only with his own state of health but also in future years with his three daughters, Scott is not someone to lie down, let it all happen and accept what is. Education is key. Dr Scott Wustenberg, is a chiropractor, medical nutritionist, bio-chemist and physiologist. This extra special human has a philosophy that things can change, you don’t have to accept what hand you seem to be dealt and everything is possible, you just need to keep going.

Dr Scott talks very openly about his three daughters openly and the challenges and lessons he and his wife have learned around their diet, epigenetics and brain neurology. It is the reason he is driven to do what he does.

Scott believes we are all sitting in a perfect storm right now, believing that civilisation is so wonderful and yet it’s probably the thing that is causing most of our troubles. But who wants to give up their nice comfy armchairs right?

We talk about the effects of technology on our neurology. How devices are affecting us. It is the activity of scrolling that is having the biggest impact causing the eyes to bounce up and down which causes an activation of the inner ear that tells your brain it’s moving which creates a disconnect and dysfunction. And the eyes when too close to screens are drawn into a conjugated space which has shown to release of a whole lot of cortisol into the system which drives an unconscious potential for anxiety. This complete lack of movement compared to many years ago our children are not having the same movement patterns including the near to far sightedness and musculature from climbing and running.

If you have poor tone in your muscles you will have poor tone and firing aspects in the brain and we can get a whole lot of brain imbalances that can lead to health consequences.

We are allowing our children access to things that may not be serving them and they are not getting the healing and detoxification time that happens when they sleep. The blue light can be very upsetting to this and the hormonal systems. Some will travel through this with more ease, but children are incredibly sensitive.

“I think all children need to learn music, martial arts, strengthen their bodies and practically, if at all possible, ban screen time and television prior to 8 years of age.”

We need to give greater credence to what’s worked for us for thousands and thousands of years to help our brains develop that give us physical strength. Need to look at things from a nutritional and diet point of view. You are shaped by what you are nourished by. It’s not just food and nutrients, its sunlight and love and connectedness and feeling we belong.

Scott talks a lot about the importance of nutrition, and you will love how in depth he goes into this much needed conversation. He shares what has worked for his family and nourishing them.

You are a Lamborghini not a Lader. Treat your body more like a high-performance machine. Scott introduces us to the concept that we are actually more like a car driving our bacteria around the world!

We talk toxins and how we need to be thinking big picture and not valuing money as the only productive output.

What is happiness… is a difficult thing to answer. It is not necessarily a good end outcome that we humans keep chasing yet we need to be going through all gametes and all emotions.

Let food be thy medicine. Sadly, Scott believes, we have a system that has almost trapped itself in its own brilliance.

To do the work he suggests you practice congruence. “If I am saying it to you, I need to be practicing it myself.” What routines and habits keep me healthy and in a better state? The idea of accepting oneself is critical. Accept and love me for who I am. I may not necessarily be the best version of me, but I can get up and I can commit every day to try and be the best version of me and keep working at being the best version of me and each day I go on and working at being the best version of myself. It is the journey and the commitment and the congruence and the integrity that matters. There’s no one thing but it’s the continued dedication and integrity and accepting the commitment every day.

You have to be in the work you have to live with accordance. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Scott shares his tips into being a dad or parent who lives with congruence, authenticity and honesty. Living your word, being there for them and allowing them to be autonomous people with boundaries.

One thing Scott thinks we are not doing well is teaching our children to suffer. Everything is hospital cornered to protect them. But to suffer allows you to move past things and grow. It’s ok to suffer and be hurt because you come out the other side a better more interesting person.

We deep dive into the topic of fear and look at the literature and study. It turns out that fear is the greatest causation of getting infected and shutting down the immune system.

Don’t fall foul of fear. Whatever is occurring is occurring. Whether there are agendas or not it doesn’t matter. What matters is reaching out to help and support and be kind to your direct family and community and tribe and expansion outwards. We need to connect as people. All the research in past 60 years shows that the human brain unconsciously views ‘other’ negatively, and it takes consciousness and being in the moment to overcome that. So, we want to connect we don’t want to separate. Get talking to people, love and hug… and boost our immune systems.

We talk about being ‘too clean’ and how our autoimmune response is directly attributable to what sort of bacteria they have. Scott talks about a gut vaccine in the USA. The state of the biome will determine whether you have a good or poor response to any vaccine. The biome has a lot to do with health.

When it comes to hygiene maybe tried and true seems to work well. New-fangled , which may be better in one aspect, might not be tested for long term consequences on our health.

To fill our self-love tank Scott suggests taking time for yourself. Time, self-acceptance, congruent and nourishment are critically important pillars that are most important for current moment. Once you are rock solid and ok with you, you can reach out. Harmonise yourself so you are not living in a fear response. Be calm and in the moment and congruent so we can connect.

There are only two types of behaviour – approach and withdrawal. We need to choose to be in approach response so that when people do approach you, you are accepting of it. In turn the world may become a happier, healthier place.

Definition of Self Love – For me it is the four pillars – nourishment is a really underplayed part of those aspects. What goes into you, it’s the thought, who you hang out with and associate with, how you connect to people, whether you smile to people. Emotions are motor patterns. If you don’t connect your facial muscles to drive certain motor patterns you can’t express the thought properly therefore you cannot express the emotion properly.

Take time for self and others.

Accept who you are and know you are what you are

Be congruent with your behaviour

Act with integrity

Commit and stay committed daily

You have to love you in a certain aspect, not gushy, it’s the things you do on a daily basis that make you here in this moment able to connect so that the world can become a better place.

My daughter drew a picture of a frog many years ago for us. It says Nothing is impossible, even the word says I’m possible.

Favourite quote is:

Everything is the brain, all that you are all that you express all that is happening to you is shaped and dictated to you by your brain. So if there’s something that your not enjoying it is an aspect of your brain creating your consciousness and that’s where you need to look for the solutions and the things to alter. So everything’s the brain.

Dr Scott Wustenberg  DC

M.Sc Nut Med (distinction)

B.Sc Physiol/Biochemistry, B.Sc Chiro.
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