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“Everyone that’s been through something tough knows that when you’re in the thick of it, it is really, really hard to see the silver linings of what’s happening. What I’ve come to realise is that everything does happen in divine timing and for a perfect reason. And while we may not understand what that is at the time, we’ve just got to trust that, you know, it was meant to happen.”

It’s not often you get to meet a person who has the profession of being a ghost writer. This week I share with you an incredible soul who not only writes for a living but in fact supports others to share their amazing story too. You will hear Roxy’s own personal story realising she had no control over her destiny. She dreamt of a Defence Force career but very soon and very young, realised she had to learn to trust that what happens to you no matter how bad it feels, happens for a reason.

Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane completed her journalism degree and is now a ghostwriter and book coach who works closely with aspiring authors to empower them to stand up and become the changemakers they dream to be through achieving their goal of becoming an author.

Roxy knows anyone can tell their story but it’s the person who is willing to dig deeper and share the warts’n’all story that gets the true guts of a story. People will connect more and get your lessons more easily when you do.

Storytelling has been Roxanne’s bread and butter for the past 14 years with a long career as a journalist for Sunshine Coast community newspapers, the Sunshine Coast Daily, My Weekly Preview, Salt Magazine and a contributing writer for countless online magazines and several websites before transferring her skillsets into non-fiction book creation.

Her emphasis on connection to her authors and honouring the uniqueness of their stories has seen her recognised in:


  • Finalist for Young Person of the Year in the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards.
  • On a national level, was a finalist in My Business Awards for Young Leader of the Year.


  • Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist in the Sole Trader category.
  • My Business Awards for Young Leader of the Year, one of only two female finalists.
  • My Business Awards for B2C business of the Year.


  • Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist in the Sole Trader category.
  • Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards Finalist in Micro/Small

With her ghostwriting services now in high demand, Roxanne is expanding her offerings to include one-to-one power coaching sessions as well as small group coaching sessions to equip writers with the tools they need to write their own books.

“I have been labelled as a chronic over-writer by many of my editors and it is a moniker that I own with pride. Why? Because it means I treat every interview as an opportunity to learn everything I can about the person I am speaking to – no matter how many words have been allocated to the story for publication. The beauty of ghostwriting books is that I am no longer confined to column space! There is potential for 30,000, 50,000 or even 70,000 words to be dedicated to each person’s story. This is my true calling, and I am loving every minute of it.”

Roxy shares some amazing highlights in her career which I know you will love. You will hear the stories that have really moved her and captivated her.

She talks about Tracy Morris and Annie Jones the founders from No More Fake Smiles who help children and their primary care givers who have suffered from sexual abuse. Although a heavy topic Roxy says it’s time for these conversations. Here is their link –

Roxy also shares why she thinks the Sunshine Coast has such special energy and how many amazing people are here on the Coast. There is a real sense of community and a desire to want to collaborate. Everyone is so openhearted and warm. That’s my jam!

She mentions people I have had the privilege of interviewing on this Podcast like Jeanette Allom-Hill (Show 45), Genine Howard (Show 87) and Carren Smith (Show 3) as women who truly inspire and step up and be amazing to support you to do the same.

We have an interesting conversation around why the media portrays such negativity and fear. Roxy gives us the stats and why if it bleeds it leads! And the more tragic the more clicks. She talks about how this impacts the world as we know it today.  She said if you are sensitive to this kind of news it might be best to make a conscious decision to not read or consume it moving forward.

Roxy’s definition of self-love is:

Confidence really boils down to how you perceive yourself and how you see yourself. Self-love is being brave, being open and having that confidence. It is important to keep you feeling nurtured and functional. You will love her self-care rituals to fill your own tank.

Roxy interviewed me on her show The Phoenix Phenonemon here is the link:

Roxy’s Favourite Quote:

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” Gilbert K. Chesterton

Final tip:

When it comes to self-love it’s about giving yourself the space to allow yourself to fill your tank. Put yourself at the top of the priority list will serve you most moving forward. It will make you feel more confident and the empowerment to step up and step out to be your authentic self.


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