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‘But we have to be kind to ourselves and have a set of daily practices if you like, that connect you back to that present self and to get us back into our flow, and I like to test for oils. Today I chose, not just for myself, but for the listeners as well, I pulled out a card for myself which is the first step to working in the aromatic kinesiology method. The oil, the card that I chose was Myrtle and it’s positive or most expanded sense of the word is ‘illuminated’ and the affirmation that we have here is ‘I create beauty and hearts blossom.’  Robbi Zeck

Robbi Zeck believes the key to loving oneself is to be fully present with oneself. And there is no doubt this woman is a true trailblazer in the wellness world, in particular in the field of aromatherapy. She has spent many years in France and loves the folklore and traditions of this ancient modality. This week we talk about how the power of plants can affect us individually and assist one another easily and effectively, all with a blossoming heart and true self-love.

It is an honour and sincere pleasure to interview Robbi Zeck a dear friend and colleague and author of the most beautiful book The Blossoming Heart and creator of Aromatic Kinesiology Method -The Aromatic Heart work that Inspires Transformation.

I love Robbi’s work on the mood enhancing benefits of essential oils for emotional health and how they affect the integration of emotional experiences is powerfully represented in each Aromatic Kinesiology workshop.

She has a unique teaching style that explores how to use essential oils to facilitate change, release unresolved stress, change patterns of belief that are no longer useful and to reframe emotional issues.

Essential oils are such strengthening companions for any healing journey and quietly influence the heart and emotional brain through the powerful effects of aromatic anchoring.

Aromatic Kinesiology is an immersive aromatic experience crafted with beauty and love, where you are fully supported to renew your relationship with yourself and your beautiful blossoming heart.

As your emotional resilience and self-confidence grows, you can live more fully and make an impact with the people, passions and purposes that matter most to you.

Like a gentle ripple passing through your heart, Robbi’s work offers a simple reminder to nourish yourself on a daily basis. Nourishment is a necessity just like love. It’s the spark that lights your heart.

With a career spanning more than 40 years as a Kinesiologist, Counsellor, Naturopath and NLP Practitioner, Robbi is also a women’s retreat facilitator, has led more than 30 exquisite retreats in Bali and is also co-founder of Aroma Tours which she established with her husband Jim Llewellyn in 1995.

As we spoke Robbi shared what was in her Diffuser which was Orange (light-hearted) May Chang (being successful) and Myrtle (to be illuminated).

We spoke about Aromatic anchoring which is very important to create change in the moment and you can also anchor that in with different acupressure points. One must do something, smell something and read something cognitively as we look at the reflections in Blossoming Heart. It brings your awareness to life in a very unique way. It creates greater clarity in the prefrontal cortex.

We talk about the magical energetic qualities of plants and their connection to our moods, feelings and emotions or even a neuro-chemical event. It’s about building resilience inside and use tools to support you through any challenge.

We have emotional intelligence, heart intelligence and physical intelligence. Our hearts are magnetic, and they attract us to people, experiences and opportunities. When we smell something the part of the brain that recognises the aroma is closely linked to our emotions.

We speak about creating deeper conversations with self and others. This can stir us up a little but can also lead you to the path of beautiful possibility. We also know that emotions are stored in the body. Everything is stored in the subconscious.

How can I be a better version of me is something we can ask ourselves and combining that with the power of plants we can follow our heart into being the best we can be.

We discuss Robbi’s beautiful book ‘A Blossoming Heart’ in detail and if you would love to get your own copy the link to her website is below. And we talk about the beautiful tours she and her husband Jim Llewellyn have been leading to Europe for the past 25 years.

We take a deep dive conversation into the ancient tradition of aromatherapy and how plants play such a very special part in our lives. We see magnificent potentiality in plants which can be mirrored in us as well. There is a lot of harmonisations that comes through our plant world. It’s when we don’t take care of ourselves that we may not be listening to our hearts desire, that we may need them even more.

We discuss our innate ability to heal and how powerful essential oils can play a big part. If we can tap into that reservoir of positive habit changing it can be very liberating, ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs and heart clutter, maybe even addictive patterning and inherited emotional patterns.

This beautiful conversation will have you feeling more calm, centred and connected. Robbi discusses her work, her passions and her desire to make a difference. She talks about trusting herself and learning to love herself and others.

Be your own guide and trust yourself is something Robbi advocates. We have to be brave enough and have courage and put ourselves out there in order to create the life we love. Do something small every day to move towards your goals and use amazing essential oils to anchor you on your way.

Ask yourself how is my heart today and how will I meet me more deeply today? To do that Robbi uses her techniques of aroma-therapeutics, aromatic kinesiology and dynamic relaxation.

We talk about how hugely Covid has impacted on Robbi’s world, the struggles and the huge challenges she and her hubby have had to endure. And we discuss if there are any esoteric teachings here.

Robbi’s definition of self-love is doing rituals on a daily basis. Her love, grace and gratitude ritual is definitely one of hers. She believes that maybe we are being asked to care for the world in a very different way.

A beautiful part of this podcast is hearing Robbi talk about the power of Myrtle from her book Blossoming Heart.

The best French Apps she mentions are Rosetta Stone and Duo Lingo.

Robbi’s Favourite Quote:

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Love, Grace and Gratitude is also part of Robbi’s creation story and is a meditation in motion that she developed and has been practising daily for more than 10 years.

If you are wanting a little inspiration and heart settling you can watch the short film she made a few years ago about Love, Grace and Gratitude and there is a free download so you can learn the movements if you so desire…

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