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‘It’s more about how we are expressing ourselves. So, you could be expressing yourself or purpose through your job that you work in, or you could be expressing it creatively on the weekends. You know it’s every moment of every day, Kim. It doesn’t matter what job we do, how much get paid, it is in each and every moment if we are living in alignment and true to our purpose, that’s really where I believe the magic is and doing it consciously.’ Genine Howard

If you are an entrepreneur, or have a budding desire to be one, you are going to love this woman. Genine Howard’s inspirational approach to feminine leadership is awe inspiring. She shares her incredibly compelling story about her life and business journey and how she became a well revered entrepreneur, magazine owner and business coach. She also shares how she has overcome the extreme lows, always open to the learnings, with ease, grace and flow.

Genine Howard is a former magazine publisher turned transformational leader who teaches business-building from a combination of deep inner feminine wisdom and smart masculine strategy. Her work in the world is to teach women to reconnect and embody their inner soul wisdom to create impactful, abundant feminine empires with ease, grace (and style!).

Genine has helped many women build multiple 6-figure empires, attract soul-aligned clients with ease and create lives that are on-purpose and grounded, all in her signature style and energetic presence. Now heading up ‘The Feminine Wisdom Co’ collective of transformational leaders, products and services, Genine is leading the way in the ‘new’ way of building business empires.

In this week’s podcast, Genine shares how she and her husband Rowan, decided they would not have children, but the Universe had other plans! And after three miscarriages they realised how much it mattered to them and went on to have two beautiful souls, and how as a family they home school and drive both their businesses.

Genine gives practical go-to advice on how to take care of yourself and live your life with purpose. She also talks about how to get curious, become interested in why you get triggered over people or things and how you get to create your reality every moment simply based on your perceptions.

If she was to give any advice to her children it would be to ‘trust themselves’ through their physical and magnetic heart. Wisdom is not external, it is completely within. She would want them to know that they are perfect just the way they are.

Genine believes taking self-responsibility particularly in relationships, and instead of blaming or pointing the finger, is saying things like – ‘This is how I am feeling about this…’ Two people can have very different paradigms when we approach conversations more from this heart space and mind set.

If we can perceive through the eyes of love and so it shall be love.

Genine believes the biggest step to live in alignment is through Meditation. By quietening the human mind. If we can move from the mind and into the heart space by tuning into the frequency of love, breathing in love and receiving and breathing out love and giving.

Whilst the current world may look chaotic, there is perfection in everything. Moving from the patriarchal mindset and shaking it up so we can move into this whole new way of being. Freedom, love, openness, connection, unification… this is where peace is.

The Dalai Lama once said that the world will be saved by the western woman.

Genine could not agree more as she believes we all have this feminine power on how to change how things have been done based purely on the frequency of love. Everything is happening for a reason and for us to awaken and use this power to do what’s right, with love.

Genine talks about her passion and skill in reading the Akashic Records and how she downloads pieces of the puzzle that is information based on pure truth. It is a guided system to help reframe the past and move forward. It is innate ancient wisdom we all have access to. It is wonderful to tune into this field and download the codes to help navigate where they are being called to.

Beautiful Genine is gifting everyone who listens to this podcast a wonderful meditation. Soul Star Chakra is a meditation to tune in and up to and download some beautiful information for our soul’s purpose.

Here is the link for this:

Genine’s definition of self-love is knowing self, knowing self with that beautiful awareness and then accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

Genine’s favourite quote is:

‘The world will be saved by the Western woman’ ~ Dalai Lama

And her final message is, we all have unlimited potentiality so choose what you want to bring into your world right here right now.

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