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“Like you said, ‘there are no accidents’ and I just trusted. I feel like I have always had this belief, ‘everything happens for a reason.’ So even through the heart break, even through the disappointments of careers and boys and all these kinds of things, it’s all been leading to something bigger and so I’ve just trusted that living in the moment of pain is going to lead to something better.”  ~ Tayla Morrison
What an absolute honour to interview my very own precious daughter. This week we get to hear from a young woman on a mission. A woman who has lived a lot in 23 years. Tayla Morrison has always had a passion for dance and through hearing her story you will see how she has navigated the pains and joys and the highs and lows of this crazy world and how it has become a strong metaphor for her to attain her dreams.

We discuss what it was like for her to go through school, how to learn about who she was, who she could be and how other people made her feel. Her advice to parents and teenagers is liberating and so important.

We talk about how dance is a metaphor for life and how the teachings gave her freedom to aim for perfection in her own way. The ballet world can be very harsh, almost cruel, but it can also teach you resilience and self-awareness.

Tayla mentions how her teachers all supported her to find her own unique pathway. She gives thanks to the many important teachers who gave her hope, guidance, patience, love and support. From Suncoast Calisthenics to the Sunshine Coast Conservatory of Dance to the Queensland National Ballet. They all helped to build her confidence around her artistry and technique, and Tayla worked these attributes the best way she could.

One of the toughest times in her life was the realisation she had been training and dancing with a broken back. It ruptured her world and hit her hard. She talks about how this experience not only broke her but also humbled her.

After many auditions and lots of no’s Tayla learned from Li Cunxin from the Queensland Ballet who reminded her to remember that a no today does not mean a no forever.

We then talk about her Crazy Horse Audition in France and her first contract that came to fruition in Germany. BUT, then COVID hit and her dream came crashing down. Tayla shares how she pulled herself out of her rock bottom moment and where she put her energy to refuel broken heart.

Tayla shares the amazing thing that came out of COVID and where her life is now in regards to love and her career. And she talks about the big losses in her life.

She is one remarkable being… but then I know… I am biased!

Tayla’s definition of self-love is all about self-respect. Putting yourself out there, putting yourself first, loving yourself, embracing who you are, doing the right things for you, taking risks and taking opportunities, to want better for yourself.

Tayla’s favourite quote: ‘Don’t make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what’s actually good for you.’

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