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“I really don’t know mum’s here that are loving and feeling amazing in early motherhood. I just felt like it was a very common discussion to talk about, ‘Far out I’m just so tired,’ ‘Where has my libido gone?’ ‘Where has my energy gone?’ ‘But I can’t sleep and why do I have anxiety now? I never used to have that.’ So again, possibly a little biased, but I was looking around and just going this isn’t normal, this isn’t right. This isn’t how early motherhood is supposed to be. And I started to really think about those early years of mothering and what they do to the rest of our mothering journey.”

Charmaine Newmark, is the Nourished Naturopath, an Embodied Alchemist and a teacher of earth, body and soul wisdom. This week we hear her amazing story and how she worked through her break down after believing success was doing all the things to tick the boxes of the perfect super woman. And even though this was her darkest moment it was also the greatest catalyst for a bigger awakening which has since became her super-power.

With a deep passion for reconnecting women, to the innate wisdom of our bodies and our world, she has an intuitive visual reference for what life would of been like, long before we were told ‘what healthy should be’, before the busy and before the technology.

Charmaine is on a mission to change the narratives of challenging times, to empower the next generation of women and to remind us, what it can feel like to live in this modern world, yet still remain anchored in the innate way of being, our bodies where designed to live amongst.

Charmaine’s own health journey, took her on a healing process of the gut and the mind, as she navigated recovery from depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue which she now sees as one of her greatest awakenings, and greatest teachers. She has helped open the doors of healing for many women recovering from mental health and gut health challenges and loves to practise the simplicities of healing with plants, energy and love.

Slowing down, breathing open life and finding safety and joy in the body, have been Charmaine’s greatest teachers as she navigated the constant growth points of health, relationship and parenting. This personal journey and wisdom, alongside her training as a Nutritionist, Naturopath and Embodied Healer, have really created a unique way of teaching and leading her family, community and her clients to greater fulfilment in their own lives, through body and soul medicine.

Charmaine suggests we all have a ‘Self Love Mirror’ where no nasty words are ever said. Intentionally look for something you can adore in that body.

You are going to love hearing Charmaine’s story, her journey through motherhood and her current pregnancy. She talks health, marriage, fears, pregnancy, family, healing and love. It is a real honour to share her with you.

Charmaine’s definition of Self Love –  The ability to love yourself, radically, through all of the parts of yourself you wish could be different and that you label as ‘wrong’.

Self-love to me is seeing how everything I have created and choose for my life, has been created from trying to do the best for myself. Even the traits I don’t ‘feel’ I love. 

Under the layers of self-awareness, we are always choosing yourself. We are always choosing to survive, and we are always choosing love. 

Favourite quote is:

‘It’s is not bigger than you, it is you’ – Nourishing the Mother. 

Those things can feel so hard to get through or to look at, are already part of you are coming from you. That profound peace that you feel when you meditate or attend a healing session, is not from outside of you, it is you. You did that. The next contraction that you don’t feel you can make it through, its coming from your body, it is you. It’s not bigger than you. 

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