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If you ever feel like you need an energy boost or that you want to rediscover your zest for life then grapefruit might just be the ‘pep’ you are after! In this week’s Self Love Quicky we talk all things Grapefruit. Perfect for winter and to help boost your immune system, Grapefruit is also one of the best oils to help detox the body and heal the soul.

You can use this exquisite oil in your diffuser or in an aroma mist as the most effective way to embrace its virtues.

Grapefruit is a cold-pressed oil extracted from the rind of the fruit. It is not only used in aromatherapy but also as a flavoring agent in soft drinks and as a fragrance component in soaps, detergents and personal care products.

This light, citrus oil has very uplifting effects. It is refreshing and revitalising and has wonderful detoxifying qualities – both mentally and emotionally. This can be particularly beneficial in the work place where deadlines can be pressing and demands may be high.

It is the oil to help focus on life’s positives and is one of the best oils to help nourish the soul and inspire the heart.

With well-regarded therapeutic actions grapefruit is considered an antidepressant, diuretic, antiseptic, disinfectant and stimulant.

Combined with exercise and a clean diet you can have remarkable results using grapefruit it in a body blend with oils like juniper, cypress and rosemary. This beautiful combination can be helpful for cellulite, weight-loss and fluid retention. Just make sure you massage onto the effected areas with care and gently show your body how much you appreciate – not loathe – it.

This valuable oil is ideal for treating stress, anxiety and nervous exhaustion and is perfect for people who feel wrung out, disappointed, maybe even depressed.  A great winter oil – especially when energy levels may be low – you can add one drop onto a tissue with one drop of frankincense for an instant lift. Simply tuck this tissue into your shirt pocket or bra and enjoy its aroma throughout the day.

From a skincare point of view grapefruit is particularly beneficial in helping treat conditions like acne and oily skin. Fill your bathroom sink or a small bowl with warm to tepid water, add 2 drops grapefruit, 1 drop tea tree and 1 drop lavender. Agitate the water and immerse a cotton face cloth. Gently wring out the cloth and compress onto a clean face, pressing into the skin with love and care. Repeat 3-4 times before using a natural, deeply replenishing serum or moisturizer.

An all-over body massage in the morning using 1 teaspoon of carrier oil like sweet almond or coconut and 1 drop each of grapefruit, geranium and sandalwood is a beautiful way to use grapefruit’s cooling, cleansing and detoxifying properties which can also help relieve a sluggish lymphatic system.

The important thing to remember is when we have skin conditions or health concerns it is the body’s way of communicating with us that something is not quite right. By honouring these conditions and treating them with care and high quality oils – especially beautiful grapefruit oil – we are giving the body the best chance to restore and repair.

From an emotional and mental point of view grapefruit can help to release feelings of self-doubt and frustration and it is one of the best oils to help instigate playfulness, fun and child-like wonder back into your world.

In the amazing Aroma Cards you will find the essential oil of Grapefruit is for the heart chakra and is considered a euphoric oil. It is described in 4 words as ~ Refreshing, Revitalising, Uplifting and Detoxifying.

The quote channelled for Grapefruit is:

” I recognise my self-worth and step into my power with love, grace and ease.”

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