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“Mass media, TV, Instagram… this is what people are educated on. You know, be in that calorie deficit and that’s all that matters. And unfortunately if I didn’t go on the educational route that I took and the self-healing journey, I would still think like that because of what I was taught and educated on.” Sheridan Austin

Sheridan Austin is a Nutritionist who thinks differently to most. She is all about finding joy in your food and not sacrificing taste for health. It is making sure the whole food ingredients you choose are the ‘magic’ that feeds the trillions of cells in your body well. Improving your diet is not about deprivation and just because the ingredients change it doesn’t mean the menu has to. She is a phenomenal business-woman, practitioner and educator and one of the best recipe creators on the planet.

But her story was not always health orientated.

Amazingly, as a young woman, Sheridan was conditioned to believe that the multitude of symptoms she had were normal. Sinus infections, digestive issues, chest infections, asthma, hay fever, rashes, extreme fatigue, a foggy mind and so on. She lived off antihistamines, asthma puffers and antibiotics. She has always had a deep fascination, love and interest for food, but wasn’t sure why and what to think of it while she consistently exposed herself to man-made, packaged and processed foods.

This interest is what led her to becoming a Qualified Nutritionist and a Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner. Through further constant personal research she has since freed herself from many of the symptoms that were robbing her of a life filled with energy, vitality, confidence and excitement.

The beautiful Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits employed Sheridan after she graduated and it was during these years her knowledge and passion expanded further. Sheridan Joy Austin is a well-respected speaker, recipe creator and writer. She constantly uses food as medicine to support health and vitality.  Now as a mother of two young babes, a business-woman, retreat leader and practitioner Sheridan gives practical, easy-to-implement advice alongside her amazing social media presence where you will find incredible information and her delicious, healthy recipes.

Sheridan says it is food and its ability to nourish that is undeniably powerful at healing and rejuvenating the body. The many trillions of cells and microbes that make up our being is waiting to be nourished in every moment, to allow us to thrive.

The body’s intelligence is overwhelmingly intriguing and impressive, which is why she has a strong passion to assist those that have been told that their health will continue to decline or that they need to live with their symptoms forever. She believes nature has everything worked out perfectly, and if we become in tune with our instincts, stop silencing our symptoms and begin to listen, question everything and begin to love and respect ourselves, then the process can be enjoyable, and worth it.

In this conversation we talk about so-called nutrition in hospitals, what is given for sickness and to the elderly. We talk about the education, or perhaps outdated information given (some of it 150 years old), in universities and why there is such disparity and confusion in understanding real nutrition, health and wellness.

Sheridan talks about understanding culture and tradition, looking at palaeolithic ways and understanding the importance of ‘whole food eating’.  She discusses the confusion and reasons why we have become so disconnected to this way of eating. It might be surprising to know that we are the only species that puts food last. We also delve into stress and the effects it has on our digestion and health.

Sheridan shares how to be a healthier version of yourself, and how we can show our families and partners a new way of being being an evangelist to make them change. She talks about her programs and her brand new amazing nutrient powerhouse food supplement ~ the Mother’s Essential blend ~ and how it is changing lives as it helps with all health and gut issues, hormones, pre and post pregnancy care, menopause and libido. You will want your own bottle of this incredible nutrient which you can get on the link below.

Her top 4 tips for taking better care of yourself include:

  1. Take Mothers Essentials daily
  2. Consciously nourish your body including greens
  3. Sunshine and grounding
  4. Get into nature

And finally, Sheridan’s favourite quote she shared:  ‘How you live everyday is how you live for life.’

If you can look at making changes every day, this is how you can change your life.

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