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How is Danny? A question I am constantly being asked as my dear husband, who is in India for the IPL (Indian Premier League) is commentating on the world’s best cricketers showcasing their talent in an 8-week tournament. Due to extremely high COVID cases, Australia and many other countries around the world have closed their borders to India, leaving many New Zealand and Australian cricketers, officials, medics and commentators stranded there. I rang him and decided to record our conversation!

In this candid conversation Danny shares how he is feeling, what is happening for him there in India and how the IPL is actually keeping this cricket-loving nation’s spirits buoyant.

Danny, who has been on the road since January 23rd explains what it is like to be travelling in these surreal times.

He says there are many in India who are truly suffering, and the hospitals are overflowing and under-resourced for such demands.

For all of those involved in the game, their life is different to most who are in India. They live in high-security bio-bubbles, stay in hotels that have strict covid protocols and are quite cut off from the rest of the world.

Thankfully Danny enjoys his own company but says he has to be careful not to get sucked into watching all the news channels. There are a lot of questions whether it is morally right to continue the IPL especially with such a crisis at hand. Is it being overplayed? Are there false perceptions?

With 1.4billion people living in India, it appears to be hitting those with respiratory issues the hardest. And therein lies the problem of being under-resourced, a lack of oxygen and transport issues to get to more remote areas to those in need of medical assistance.

Danny shares insights into how he and fellow commentators are keeping their spirits high amidst the fears, enjoying time with former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden for example and having a huge appreciation for the joy this sport is bringing to many, especially those who are suffering.

Danny shares his self-care rituals including his super green tonic from Cyndi O’Meara’s Changing Habits company and his beloved Twenty8 oils.

I asked Danny to share from his perspective how we keep our relationship front and centre even though we are constantly so far apart and how he stays connected to his kids and our family here in Australia and in NZ.

He says he is reminded daily of how lucky we are to live down under, that we really do not understand what places like India, Europe, the UK and Brasil have endured.

But Danny’s philosophy is simple… it is what it is. He shares his love for his mum and explains how he is grateful for having a greater understanding of a more spiritual bigger picture thanks to her.

He explains how he keeps his spirits high, knowing how blessed he is to do this work but also knowing he gets to come home (at some point). He also values how much he and all of those involved in the IPL are bringing joy to those in need.

‘You never know what is happening one day to the next, you just have to get on and not worry.’ He says to cherish every day and all moments. Keep it simple and make the most of where you are, however that looks. He lives by the ethos that this too shall pass. He recommends that whereever you are, that you take care of yourself, read inspirational auto-biographies, listen to great music and do not get dragged into the drama or believe everything you see in the news.

And finally, in Elton John’s poignant words ‘You should never take more than you give’, aim to get into nature if you can and do not take this precious life for granted.

I hope you enjoy this update and insight. I miss my hubby to bits so it’s a treat to hear his voice and share our conversation with you.

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