Show Notes

“I always try and walk my talk. I own my humanness and I own my imperfections when I’m a bit off track. And one of the things that keeps me really well on track is the fact that I show up. And if I’m teaching this stuff I better bloody be walking my talk right?” Dr M

This is a powerful interview with one of Australia’s most renowned health and wellness experts Dr Maria Zuschmann, who is also affectionately known as Dr M. Maria is an Integrative Chiropractor, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Stress Adaptation & Performance Coach. Dr M has been in the Health, Wellness and Performance space for over 20 years. Spending her early years in private practice as a Chiropractor developing a very keen interest in helping her clients with their Stress Adaptation structurally and through Posture Correction along with wellness workshops.

Dr M wanted to be a Chiropractor since she was 14 after her first experience with a Chiropractor herself. Her Dad had started to see the local Chiropractor after his first stroke. Dr M solidified her passion for proactive health care when in her early 20’s her dad passed away and her body didn’t respond well at all to the stress. Dr M showed what we now know are classic signs of being stuck in Sympathetic Dominance otherwise known as Fight/Flight… and this was the starting point of her journey into being passionate about helping others hopefully avoid or get out of such a state as quickly as possible so it doesn’t have long term impact.

In this interview, we talk openly about the paradigms we choose to live in for example disruption or destruction? We talk about looking at your values and belief systems and owning the option of – ‘my reality, my choice’.

We discuss peeling back the layers into self enquiry and how the stories we tell over and over can become our truths. We talk about how to live life consciously, how to be aware in the moment and appreciating that overwhelm is not being present but is often worrying about what’s happened in the past and what is to happen in the future. It’s understanding what we can control, what we cannot control and then accepting what is.

Maria describes the sad loss of her beautiful mum in just the past few weeks and then extraordinarily how she has chosen to deal with her grief.

We talk self love practices, the importance of breath and that optimal health includes a focus on the spine, body, mind and heart.

Some of Dr M’s self care strategies include:

  • self love
  • diaphragmatic breathing
  • meditation
  • energy management
  • mindfulness

We have neuroplasticity that is an ability to retrain the brain. We can create new habits and self care rituals.

Dr M talks about the 168 hours a week we each have and how we can map out over a week where to find extra time to do the things we want and need. She says all clever people she knows reads and recommends reading as an imperative part of self development and self care.  If you take the time to work out where you spend your hours you may well find an extra 20hours a week to achieve what you really want.

When it comes to energy management what time of the day are you at your best? Energetically, who do you choose to spend your time with?

Dr M says how you show up in the time you have been given is essential. We need grace and space to move through each stage.

She recommends you take things in your stride and be gentle with yourself.

And finally, take time to ask yourself what serves me? What if you did open the door of possibility?
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