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“What it’s given me, it’s given me the capacity to love unconditionally, to forgive easily – and people can have conflicted opinions about that – but I don’t hold… I don’t hate anybody, I don’t hold any grudges. And I’m very grateful to my mother for indirectly teaching me that. It’s also… my experience has given me the ability to reframe my life so I will look at things in my life that happened and I will think, how can I frame this to get into alignment with the man that I am, and the person that I am, and the way I conduct myself? My attitudes, my behaviours, my language, the decisions that I make. How can I reframe this situation? And I do that to ensure that I am congruent to the direction that I’m going in. And I credit a lot of that to my upbringing, to the absence of that motherly figure.”  Jamie Milne

What a beautiful heartfelt conversation with one extraordinary soul. Jamie Milne is an internationally recognised endurance athlete, world record holder, boxer, surfer, author, speaker, personal trainer and phenomenal mindset coach, hypnotherapist and accomplished businessman. There is no holding back in this chat. We get to hear Jamie’s humble upbringing and how not having a mother in his life and alcohol abuse created the launchpad and reframe to be the man he is today. This is one of those interviews that makes you want to step up and reframe your life with power and passion.

‘Maturity is determined by one’s ability to take responsibility’.

Jamie talks about his dad, his incredible connection with his grandfather and his wife, Jamie’s grandmother Mary, family, love, life and wellness. He talks about the one conversation that had him create a charity and raise over $100,000 over a decade for Dementia.

He explains how to break down life into micro-bits whether it is a race, a challenge or something you want to do… He opens up how he appreciates how depression can kill after all misery loves company.

And how as humans how we do one thing we do everything. Jamie explains how we think creates how we feel. How we feel creates emotions. And emotions drive behaviours. There is real power in a pre-frame and re-frame.

You are what you eat… eats.

You are what you think… thinks!

Jamie has found his passion is helping to nurture people to gain resources and tools to be their best. What goes on between our ears and how we behave can be integrated beautifully.

Jamie was born and raised in Rotorua, New Zealand. After spending 7 years in the NZ Military, he branched into the fitness and wellness space and has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 2015.

As a young man, it was Jamie’s own personal quest for relief from a debilitating relationship with alcohol and food that compelled him to seek professional help to relieve his burden.

Through his own process, Jamie personally found hypnosis to be the most powerful method of treatment, so his interest in the field was sparked, and he quickly sought the best teachers to learn more about hypnotherapy. This interest led Jamie to become an upcoming expert in the field.

Jamie has since been a part of many clients’ journeys – anxiety, phobias, substance abuse including smoking, sexual dysfunction, undesirable spontaneous behaviours, bad habits, improving sleep, learning disorders, communication, and relationship problems.

Jamie knows that problems in our mindsets, irrespective of the experience, trauma or disorder, can be extremely debilitating, no matter how insignificant these problems may appear to others. One thing that Jamie offers in large quantities, however, is his own hard-won personal experience in breaking through barriers and taking control of the mindsets that limit our potential.

It has been through his own journey that he has been able to utilise these skills to conquer his own anxiety and depression, and now, with a personal understanding of these issues, is able to successfully teach others to address the causes of their problems.

Jamie has been trained via an internationally recognised Hypnotherapy governing body, a modality that has been thoroughly studied and tested. He insists on only using methods and techniques that have been proven effective by himself and other leading hypnotherapists.  Jamie offers over 15 years of experience in self-help and self-development.

An internationally recognized endurance athlete and author of 12 Weeks to an Ultra Marathon (available on Amazon and Kindle), Jamie has pushed his body and mind to inconceivable limits.

Among his many accomplishments, Jamie has a current  World Record for the most amount of burpee broad jumps and distance covered in one event (4267 Burpees across 8.5km in Cairns, QLD Australia).

Jamie recently attempted another Guinness World Record for 24 hours of non-stop strict pull-ups in 2018.

He has run the length of New Zealand three times, the United Kingdom twice (once with an 11kg backpack). He has run through Western Australia, circumnavigated Tasmania, and has achieved a 2000km distance running in 21 days from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast.

Jamie has completed over 100 Ultra Marathons in excess of 50km.

Jamie has a diverse Military background from 7 years in the Royal New Zealand Navy, and most recently making his way through the NZSAS pre selection course as a direct entry, choosing to opt out and continue with civilian life.

An accomplished surfer, and an amateur boxing career spanning 26 years.

Jamie’s most recent endeavour was completing the world’s unofficial most difficult Trail 100-mile race, the Hurt 100 in Hawaii, in January 2019 for the International feature documentary Wairua Spirit, Of which Jamie exposes and dives deep into the non-tangible drivers of the human spirit.

A freelance fitness writer for magazines such as NZ Fitness Life, NZ Endurance and Kuwait’s Bazaar Town

Jamie and his incredible adventures have been featured on 7 News, 9 news, WIN News in QLD, NSW, and Tasmania, and One News, Three News, Maori TV, 20/20 Documentary in New Zealand. Much more Media in Australia, UK, Kuwait UAE - click here for list of previous media features

His newest book, Running for Redemption, prefaced by James Colquhoun of Food Matters, is soon to be released.

Always wanting to do more, to give more, to help others in need, Jamie has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity through his running and sports career. He founded and participated in a decade long programs Many Miles for Mary  raising money for Dementia Australia, Alzheimer’s Australia, Rotary FNQ, Ronald McDonald House Auckland and Tasmania, along with Black Dog Institute Australia and Just Be Nice Project. Jamie regularly contributes his time and energy to numerous Sunshine Coast community organizations.

Beyond being a celebrated endurance athlete, philanthropist, and author, Jamie Milne is an accomplished businessman with a notable professional career working for professional athletes, coaching privately and through his own training business, and he has also worked for the Kuwaiti Royal Family.

Jamie’s favourite quote is: “You are what you think.”

“The ship doesn’t sink. The ship only sinks when you let the water in.”

Book mentioned: ‘As A Man Thinketh’ by James Allen (1903)

“Inch by inch lifes a cinch, yard by yard life is hard.” Dr. Seuss

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