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“There’s always going to be the mother that stands in the kitchen. And when she’s cooking the toast for the family for breakfast and one piece of toast gets burnt and she goes, ‘Oh it’s ok, I’ll have that one.’ And I’m like oh my goodness that’s me. You know that was me. And I realised at that point that I was teaching my children, my boys, that that’s where a woman sits. I was teaching my daughter that’s where she sits in the family. I was putting myself really over here… for what? It changed instantly for me. And the burnt piece of toast went in the bin. Nobody needed it. Because I am the leader and I believe, and I know some will criticise this, but I believe that the feminine energy on the planet at the moment is super powerful. And I need to lead the way and show the way. And I’m not going to do that by putting myself at the back of the pile.” Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise is an Intuitive Soul Coach and I am honoured to share with you this beautiful conversation around the importance of taking time out to create space in your mind, to be in nature, go within and the importance of the practice of meditation. We dive into beautiful topics around the masculine and feminine energies, soul connections and how we can overcome our challenges and programming by going within. Get ready to lose yourself in this powerful conversation with this beauty.

Sarah has dedicated her life to helping others. She has worked for the past 25 years as a guide, life coach, speaker, healer and lightworker. She has studied a vast array of modalities with leading spiritual teachers around the world. Sarah believes everyone can live an incredibly happy life regardless of their past and their story and she is an incredible example of her words and her teachings. Sarah’s life has been far from a fairy tale but she understands that her past has been her evolution and she has a choice of what the future looks like.

Sarah shares her story in how she felt she was on a mission to help people through the chaos of life from when she was very young. She learned that there was no one she could rely on more than herself. She left school early and studied to be a beautician, nutrition and became a personal trainer. She did massage, reiki and healings all of which extended her intuitive skills further. Tapping into the powerful energy around her was quite simply her way of life and the only life she knew.

She talks openly in this podcast about a human being as ‘being human’. The importance of connecting to the in-side and being more aware of our own energy. To connect within we must let go of the physical. We are so conditioned and so deeply programmed, the mind is like a computer and we become very set in our ways. To become more open and aware we need the mind to be still and to connect at a much deeper level.

Contrary to popular belief, happiness does not come from our external world, it is way more an internal job. We are programmed to believe that it is external, that life feels better ‘out there’ but it is quite simply not true. If we give the internal world time and love and if we use nature and meditation to disconnect then we will find happiness more directly and more easily.

Sarah shares different ways to meditate in this podcast and inspires us all that to do the internal work that is needed more than ever.

We talk about the differences between masculine and feminine energy and the importance of honouring the unique qualities of both. The masculine is described as logical and thought-based (open-minded), the feminine is emotional and heart-based (open-hearted).

We discuss soul contracts, soul mates, the classroom of life, incredible teachers, triggers, lessons and blessings. And we talk about Sarah Louise’s interpretation of Covid, which she describes as a new age war and her thoughts about it from a soul level and what you can do to be a part of the healing.

She shares her love of good nutrition, her family and incredible work using our superpowers of intuition, intelligence, intention and integrity. She says true masters stay silent, they hold the truth and space. She inspires us to be the master of our own selves, to heal in our way and trust that we are exactly where we are meant to be… life is a blessing, a chance for healing and an opening.

Sarah Louise’s favourite quote at present is:

‘Life is always going to give you lemons and you have a choice to either become sour or make lemonade.’

Her final message is heartwarming, make sure you hear it and repeat it.

You are going to love this conversation and if you would like to join beautiful Sarah Louise’s Meditation group or follow her, here are her links:




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Sarah Louise offers one on one sessions, retreats, courses and workshops. She has a beautiful online tribe who meet every new and full moon with stunning guidance, teachings and a beautiful meditation.

“I have a very clear connection to what I call the divine, a place where I channel profound levels of council, insight and healing which I share with my clients to help them live the best life they can. I have been incredibly blessed with a gift, the ability to make high vibration living easily accessible and incredibly achievable for everyone. I have the ability to help you become aware of your programmes, your stories and your past pain. I help you to see and feel life from a higher perspective which will change and transform your old way of being. You will finally be able to move beyond your stories and old limiting programmes to a life that’s thriving. So when you have had enough of surviving. Connect with me and l will take you there. I am an authentic soul coach. I am the real deal. No BS. A lightworker without too much of the Woo Woo weird stuff. You can call me an energy channel, a connection to the higher realms, a healer or a psychic. Simply put, I’m a lightworker. I’m a teacher and a leader and I will connect you to the life you want.” Sarah Louise