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“I think you just have to listen and not pass judgement and just say, ‘I hear you’ because as somebody who has experienced these things and kept them inside for so long we think that nobody could possibly understand what we’ve been through or how we are feeling. And we don’t need necessarily somebody to solve the problems we just need somebody to know that we’ve been heard.” Natalie Miller

This beautiful woman’s story is deeply resonating and powerful. From a younger life of abuse and bullying, it was hard for her to have any sense of ‘self’ let alone self-love. Natalie Miller is an educator and clinical aromatherapist, researcher and writer. She is someone who has been through a life long journey learning how to truly love and accept herself. She is a mum and extraordinary soul who knows that if you want to change your life you’re the only one who has the power to do so.

In the mid 90’s she found herself in a metaphysical store and purchased some oils, crystals and books which helped, however, her pain was just put in a box. It wasn’t until she hit 40 when the lid on that box exploded and she found herself in a very dark place.

There are no accidents, she found herself picking up two amazing books – ‘You Sexy Mother’ by Jodie Hedley-Ward and ‘Like Chocolate For Women’ by Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan (now Davis).

She wrote a ‘Living Life List’ (like a bucket list) and one of those things was to learn about Aromatherapy which she enrolled in.

She still kept the lid on her heart space, she protected herself and after purchasing beautiful Robbi Zeck’s book ‘The Blossoming Heart’ she felt she started to open herself up more and more. Her biggest fear was that nobody would love her, but this book taught her to see herself as a flower gradually opening-up.

Natalie shares how to navigate your way through abuse and bullying. She is honest about her reaction to these experiences.

She acknowledges that ‘hurt people, hurt people’. And she finds herself always questioning both sides of hurt… Why are you hurting? What’s behind you hurting?’

Her go-to’s so she does not hurt people she loves:

  • Sleep
  • Retreat into her bedroom sanctuary
  • Nana naps do wonders
  • Essential oils are her go-to
  • I Am statements ~ this ritual is done morning and night – “I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise, I am beauty, I am love.”
  • Love, Grace and Gratitude ritual from Robbi Zeck
  • Take sips of water and say my mantra to really drink in the words

It’s interesting that her reading ‘Like Chocolate For Women’ on essential oils made her write a bucket list. And that her biggest take-home was in order to change her life, see she needed to look at her life and if not happy she realised she was the only one who could change it.

3 things she wrote down as part of her list to change… learn aromatherapy, bungy-jump and meet her favourite band INXS!

Natalie truly believes that writing down your goals, (or a ‘live my life’ list) puts it out to the Universe and then it all conspires for you. If you don’t ask the answer is always no! Ask anyway!

We take a deep dive into the Aromatherapy Industry and how it has exploded over the past decade.

There is an unfortunate side that includes misinformation, particularly on social media. But like anything in the world going on now we need to question both sides, understand what is good information and what is not.

She talks about how to protect the Aromatherapy industry in a better, safer and more sustainable way. She says you don’t have to use all the oils all the time every day. We need to think long term.

Sustainability means as consumers we need to listen to the experts. People like avid researcher Robert Tisserand who has been around since the early seventies. Knowing there is more lavender sold on the market than is distilled, we need to understand there are extenders and synthetics added to make this happen. Natalie is avid on understanding how to use the oils, what does the end-user need to know to achieve what they need to in their own home.

She talks about how much raw material is required to fill those small amber bottles, so it is important to respect and revere this beautiful plant therapy. She subscribes to the importance of your intention when making blends or putting on your diffuser.

A favourite teacher of Natalie’s is Mark Webb and she learned the power of intent from him and to sometimes let go and trust, there are some things you cannot explain. And that’s ok!

It is important to know that anyone can train their nose to smell the difference in the quality of oils. You can tell the difference of quality organic essential oils the more you use them.

They are the most profound healing tool to help open the heart more.

Rose essential oil and Indian Sandalwood grown in Australia are two oils that are beautiful to have in a roller bottle and placed over the heart space and neck to create a more loving heart space. So helpful to get through the emotional unravelling of life. Sweet Orange is one of my happy oils to help create a smile. Oils help to get out of your head and into your heart.

You don’t have to understand about oils but things like the Aroma Cards and Robbi Zeck’s Cards are beautiful tools to trust which oils are right for you in that moment. Here is a link to the amazing Aroma Cards

The Self Love & Wellness Mentorship group is wonderful accountability each week. It’s easy to hide from the world and not face whatever problem there is.

Definition of self-love is to show up for yourself every day in whatever way shape or form that is. The only person you can truly rely on is yourself. Why not befriend yourself, love yourself like you would anybody else. Show that love for yourself. Keep showing up for yourself.

Natalie’s Quotes:

‘Definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting the results to be different.’

‘Do what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.’

‘Do your best until you know better, then when you know better, you do better.’ Maya Angelou

Please note: If you have any concerns or worries for your own sense of self and life please contact LIFELINE on 131114.

About Natalie Miller:

Natalie Miller (M IAAMA Dip Aroma) is a Clinical Aromatherapist, and comes from an education and training background (Bachelor of Education and Training, and Graduate Diploma of Education). Since completing her qualification, she has worked in aged care, as a trainer and assessor at an RTO, as a writer of essential oil blogs as a ghostwriter, and as a social media manager for various therapists.

She believes continuous improvement and professional development are key components to move the aromatherapy industry forward. She is active within the aromatic community supporting her fellow Australian practitioners and aromatherapy businesses, and has held positions on the IAAMA council. Natalie has appeared on radio, television, online webinars, and has been a speaker at IAAMA events. You can find her online at



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