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This week we have the conversation that needs to be had with the incredible Dr Sherrill Sellman. As much as change is happening on a global level, looking like chaos around us, it’s an impulse that is also allowing us to step into a more profound awareness and in this deep-dive conversation we find out how we can open our consciousness and become more aware.

As a Board-Certified Integrative Naturopathic Doctor, mind-body psychotherapist, author, journalist, international lecturer, contributing writer to numerous health magazines and host of a weekly podcast, Dr Sherrill Sellman’s focus has always been to offer practical, safe and effective holistic solutions for the myriad of the health and hormonal issues that challenging women of all ages.

In this conversation Sherrill shares very generously about the black cloud that hit her when she was just 21years of age. But she also says this was the time that also raised the blinds that allowed the light in and started her journey of self-awakening and serving others.

Sherrill says we all go through times of challenge, through the cauldron crucible. She calls it the Dark Knight Of The Soul, where we feel like there is no real purpose, a deep despair, or when everything is taken away, the ground is shaky, it is an intense time.

It is also a time when the soul sheds a skin making anew, like a caterpillar that dissolves everything to become the butterfly.

For some it can take decades to find themselves or their purpose especially when there is no reference point. If we allow the connection back into the essence of the soul, it can shake us to the core. But it is a journey, a journey guided by the soul. And it is around the ages of 28-30 that can be one of the most pivotal times in someone’s life.

These times can be a massive change and re-evaluation. Be driven to look behind the curtain Sherrill says.

We are all in this great and profound moment to be here and participate in this transformational time. This is not a walk in the park, it will take a serious spiritual practice.

Sherrill recommends looking for all the ways our angels can show up to guide us through. One of her angels was Dr Harville Hendrix who wrote the book called ‘Getting The Love You Want’, who taught her the importance of listening to the other person.

This is a heartfelt conversation with Sherrill recommending always find a way to calm the mind, like getting into nature, watch the sunrise, meditate and find a way to listen as all the answers will come from within. There are more neurons in the heart than the brain. She says things happen when we are willing to change.

Sherrill’s Quote:

‘A walk in nature walks the soul back home.’

About Sherrill:

Over the years, Sherrill has challenged many of the accepted (but false) beliefs that women have been taught about their bodies and hormones.

She has also challenged the many medical and pharmaceutical interventions that have been of the allopathic model.

Sherrill is falways seeking the many proven and safe solutions that truly support women of all ages to attain optimal health and wellness. Her research and clinical experience, more often than not, challenges the traditional medical model’s approach that are usually (but often erroneously) prescribed to women.

Sherrill believes that the body has an innate ability to heal, regenerate and rejuvenate at any age and from any condition. The healing journey must incorporate a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual re-alignment.

Her website freely offers many useful and effective resources along with articles, podcast shows, educational videos and an informative blog.

Her various educational programs and health consultations allows her to offer personal support and guidance.

As you will hear in this podcast the knowledge that she has gained over the past 30 years on her own health journey has allowed her to totally heal and rejuvenate her body.

It is her greatest pleasure and honour, to share this knowledge and along with the tips she offers in this podcast you will be able to enjoy the blessings of an ageless body and endless vitality as well as feel more confident on dealing with the changes we are enduring globally on a daily basis.

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