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“There is this incredible shift in Aromatherapy from when you and I started, that is was all ‘feel-good’, to today it’s really cutting edge science. And there’s so much neurological research that confirms, as you said when you started this section, the connection between the mind, the brain and our ability to heal. And that yes, when we breathe in the essential oil particles they go directly to the right brain, the limbic system which is in fact the emotional control centre of the brain. Everything that is happening of importance that isn’t constructed, that isn’t rehearsed, happens in the right brain.” Pat Princi-Jones

This week I get to introduce you to one of my most favourite human’s, my darling and very dear friend Pat Princi-Jones. Get ready to be a fly on the wall as we catch up and re-live the time when we first met over 35 years ago. We talk about the magic of aromatherapy, how impactful it has been in both of our lives personally and professionally. Pat shares her new book ‘A Scented Life’ and she explains how she fell head over heels with this amazing modality swapping her love of Othello for Basil!

She talks openly about the power of essential oils daily. They are not magic quick-fixes but they enhance our lives incredibly well. The daily use of essential oils is a wonderful top-up.  The key in her opinion is less is more.

Pat Princi-Jones goes to the heart of Aromatherapy

Melbourne-based aromatherapy advocate and author of A Scented Life, Pat Princi-Jones is renowned for her energy and passion along with professional and knowledgeable delivery.

Her repertoire and experience range from an intimate knowledge of pure essential oils and their use for everyday wellbeing. She brings to life the rituals of Aromatherapy including the magic of self-massage, bathing, foot baths, hot oil masks and hair treatments to name a few. Pat recounts ways in which the therapeutic powers of essential oils can be used to relax and revive the senses, contribute to relationships, enhance natural beauty and help relieve stress and insomnia.

Her portfolio includes sales forces training in pharmacy, health food and department stores. She is regularly invited as a guest speaker at universities, hospitals and industry seminars to detail the growing use of pure essential oils as complementary medicine in Pharmacy. She features on youtube and engages with social media influencers to keep abreast of trends in this fast-growing field.

Pat first established her career in Aromatherapy in 1990 as a writer, editor and facilitator of Aromatherapy workshops and programs for one of Australia’s leading aromatherapy brands. For over 30 years she has kept abreast of current trends in the industry and promotes the principles of safe practice.

Today, Pat is following her dream to continue teaching aromatherapy to the end-user. She is currently consulting in aromatherapy and has joined forces with industry expert, Mirella Chiodo to create their own brand,  Her rewarding career with In Essence, has secured her role as company expert and spokesperson in aromatherapy.

For Pat, her role is “both rewarding and challenging”. The very art of aromatherapy, the variety of applications and the blending of plant aromas renders it the most beautiful complementary therapy of the 21st century; one which for Pat “awakens the senses and consequently the self”, she avows.

Pat’s formal credentials and memberships include:

Bachelor of Arts and Dip Education (English/History major) UNSW, Sydney, Australia; Aromatherapy 1, Australian College of Natural Medicine; Cert 1V in Training and Assessment, TAE40110, HBA Learning Centres, Victoria.  Associate member of IAAMA, International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association. 2016.

Her website is:

Her book is called – ‘A Scented Life’ which has so much wonderful information and a beautiful journey into the world of aromatherapy.

What Kim thinks of Pat’s book:

‘If there is one book to treat yourself to… it is definitely ‘A Scented Life.’ You will get the essence of friendship, connection, nature, healing and the incredible intelligence of the mind, body and soul. You will also understand our deep reverence for nature herself and how we can really feel and be a part of it. There is huge power in shinrin yoku, which is forest bathing, but we don’t always get the opportunity to get to a forest, so to bathe ourselves in essential oils and bathe ourselves literally and metaphorically with the words that you speak in here is one of the most powerful ways to connect and get to the core of a subject that is very dear to me and that is self-love.’ Kim Morrison

The Aromatherapy book Pat mentions and recommends is: ‘Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Workbook’ by Marcel Lavabre

Pat’s definition of Self Love is… ‘It is accepting who you are, it’s accepting what are the gifts are that you came in with, acknowledging those gifts that you came in with from the Divine, to work your light on others and yourself and just accept yourself with more focus on the inside, that soul connection. Breathe into who are truly are.’

Some of Pat’s favourite blends she spoke of include:

Sensual Bali Blend – Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli

Diffuser Citrus Blend – Lime, Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit and Orange

Courage and Strength – Frankincense, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Balance and Calm – Rose Oil

Favourite Go-To Blend – Neroli with Bergamot and hint of Vetiver

Kim’s Go-To Blend – Rose, Frankincense and Bergamot

Detox and Strengthen Blend – Juniper, Rosemary, Cypress, Lemongrass, grapefruit, black pepper and rose

Energy Body Blend – May Chang, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Lavender

Footbath for Clarity – Frankincense, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Juniper, Peppermint

Pat’s favourite quote comes from the book ‘Light is the New Black’ by Rebecca Campbell. It’s like a new take on The Forum.

“Our highest calling is tightly nestled right behind our core fear.’

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A special thanks to the late Judith White and her sister Karen Downes who started In Essence Aromatherapy in 1986. We met them both in 1987 and became their trained international presenters for In Essence Aromatherapy and worked together for over a decade spreading our love of this amazing modality. The greatest gift we received was not only our deep love and respect for aromatherapy but the appreciation of a very loving and meaningful friendship too. 

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