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Do you ever wonder if what you say or do really matters? Is it really that important, & does it really, actually make a difference? Have you ever questioned if what you have, or do, is enough? And do you ever find yourself wondering some days if it’s really all worth it? In this week’s Self Love Quicky I share with you a little the times that I have had these same questions & I share with you the message I read when I feel that doubt, to remind myself that maybe, just maybe it is possible that we do.

I’m not sure about you, but this question does come up a number of times, whether it’s as a mum, a partner, a friend even a businesswoman…

The point is there are always times we question our worth and its when you receive beautiful messages like the one I read on today’s podcast that you actually realise you do.

Please take the time to let someone know how much they mean to you, or the difference they have made in your life. You have no idea how much it means and what it can mean to someone.

Here is what the beautiful Christin Plint sent me one day after Cyndi, Carren and I were questioning ourselves as to whether or not it was all worth it and if indeed we were making a difference?

And here is the link on the Up For A Chat podcast I mentioned.
From Christin Plint:

So I thought I would share a little story with you about the evolution of one of my workmates.

As some of you may be aware, I work in mining, in the port side of the operations. To paint a picture it basically means I operate giant machines, loading huge ships at up 8000 Tonnes an hour and other equipment to keep the plant running. I am the only female on a shift of “big tough” men and the only female some of these guys have ever worked with. It can be exhausting. The hard part is to be accepted as part of the crew while still maintaining my own feminine identity – if you know me you will have heard my potty mouth will know its a struggle!

One of the better jobs is in the train unloading station. It is where I get to spend hours upon hours listening to podcasts, play catch up with my homework & probably spend a little too much time on Facebook.

A few shifts a week I’ll have one guy that comes down to relieve me in the station he walks in the door and asks “so what are we being brainwashed with today.” I’ll tell him what I’m listening to & we’ll have a bit of a discussion or debate about it. It would usually end in him calling me a hippie. Apart from being a miner he grew up on a cane farm and farms cattle too.

One week I decided to introduce him to Kim Morrison. I played him the Wellness guys episode on Chemicals that make us sick and obese.

He came into work the next week and said he went home and played it for his wife and daughter. And then he said “so it turns out we already had some of those Essential Oils thingies. And now each night before I go to bed I read a few pages of my book and just before I fall asleep, I put a couple of drops of Lavender on my pillow.”

Me “Oh my goodness! You have a ritual!”

Him “A what? A ritual? Nah, nah, it’s just something I do before I go to bed each night.”

A few weeks later he said “that talk on chemicals really got to me. Every night I massage my wife’s feet with lotion, it’s something I have always done. Lately, I haven’t been able to do it knowing that the lotion could be so bad for her, so I went and got some beeswax and some coconut oil and made my own lotion and I’ve started using that on her instead.”

Fast forward a few more weeks… “You’re bloody sending me mad with this stuff! On my days off I found borer’s in my trees and instead of spraying them like I normally would I got a pin and poked them through their holes in the tree. It was embarrassing! You know I used to sell pesticides for a living right?”

After having him listen to a podcast on sugar “you can’t play me this! I’m a cane farmer! What am I going to do now?!”

We have had many heated discussions on chemicals, pesticides & herbicides. Roundup was one that kept coming up, with him saying “you’re being brainwashed by all this hey, this is all fear-mongering. Round up is a safe chemical, trust me, I used to sell it, I’ve sat through seminars on the stuff…”

I played him the Up For A Chat episode after the MINND forum & another interesting podcast of wheat by the Good Doctors.

The lights started to come on. He came back after days off and said “it turns out I’m the one that has been brainwashed. If only you knew the conferences & seminars I sat through on round up. I was told it was safe I didn’t know what they were really doing with it. I didn’t know it would end up in our food.”

Now for the really exciting news… In the past few weeks, he said “you know, I’ve been losing sleep because of you…

My parents are getting old and they need to sell their farm. I would hate to see it go to someone else but how could I invest in another sugar cane farm knowing what I know now? Also, all of this talk of conservation and chemical-free living has made me realise I don’t want to hand over a farm to my children one day, there is enough of them around. I want to hand over something special.

I think I want to regenerate that land and turn it into a nature reserve. There is already a large part of uncleared land, creeks and a lake I want to turn it into some form of Eco-retreat so others can enjoy it and it’ll be there for generations to come.”

How freaking amazeballs is that!!!! So, Kim Morrison never for a second question whether what you are doing is making an impact. It truly is. One 30 minute podcast you made a couple of years ago may lead to a nature reserve being created for generations to come.

I sincerely hope you don’t ever underestimate the impact and effect and difference YOU make. Can not wait to hear your feedback on this one and please celebrate with me the times you have made a difference!

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