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Clutter is debilitating. It can be stressful, impacting and create a complete sense of overwhelm, and for some… even failure.  In this week’s quicky, I am talking about some simple steps you can take to not only declutter your home and office but also declutter your life. And we know when we declutter and make space, we create an opportunity and we get to invite new energy in.

There’s a whole bunch of advice out there, beginning with those sensible instructions to designate boxes either ‘charity’, ‘rubbish’, ‘keep’ or ‘unsure’ and then telling us we must make up our minds about what we put into the ‘unsure’ box within a week … or else.

We have a rule in our house: we only keep that which is useful and/or beautiful. You could try and adopt that mantra if it worked for you — even if you need to take baby steps — and see how an organised home and office can improve the way you get things done. And when you’re cleaning out those rooms, choose a blend from Basil, Rosewood, Pine, Rosemary and Lemon oils to use in a diffuser; it will help you stay focused and be more decisive.

Brian Tracy, in his book’ Eat That Frog’, reminds us of the basic principle of doing the jobs you least want to do first and then getting onto the things you do want to do. If you procrastinate on the yucky ones, they’ll wear you down and play at the back of your mind. For example, if tax time is a pain in the butt for you, then quit procrastinating, get up early tomorrow morning and just get it over and done with. You know you’ll have a wonderful sense of achievement (and relief!) when you do complete it. Just one step at a time.

Beyond general clutter, though, there’s another worthwhile challenge. Why not declutter and simplify your life as well as your cupboards? Living differently takes courage. So, bearing in mind that there’s nothing wrong with shopping for fun, or just buying things that take our fancy here are some reasons why living simply will recharge you and, yes, transform your life!

Less stress: simplifying the way you live requires you to make priorities of the things you value, whether they are possessions, goals or relationships. Less ‘stuff’ in the cupboard means you’ll keep the things you use or that bring you pleasure. What matters to you? Which possessions really make routines easy or your days richer? Focus on the things that matter to you: it’s very easy to fall into the trap of telling ourselves we’ll do something such as work on our dreams or help others when there’s time’ or ‘when … is finished’.

What about going a step further and deciding that you’ll concentrate on the things that matter to you and then, if there’s time, you can add the other things. Concentrating on things that matter to you is by no means selfish. It simply means you will begin to do the things you were put on this planet to do, rather than cluttering your life up with busyness. Work out what matters to you — and of course, that will be different for each of us because we’re all talented in different ways.

The other big idea that makes decluttering worthwhile — whether you’re getting rid of things or unnecessary routines — is that you’ll be making way for new things to come into your life. I have seen it on many occasions: people declutter their wardrobe and their weight suddenly begins to fall, or they organise their finances and then the money begins to flow in. It really is true — how can you possibly have more in your life when it’s full and cluttered already?

So go ahead over the next 28 days get serious about creating spaces that are organized, calm, practical and beautiful. Use label makers so everyone at your place can keep the system working, get the kids to help out, sell or give away what you no longer need, and value the things you keep. Do whatever it takes. And while you’re at it, do the same for your soul. Be strong and gracious about your priorities and watch what begins to happen. Let me know how you go!

Take action:

  1. First things first, sort out your wardrobe and let’s be real, if you haven’t worn it in two years, you probably never will! Getting rid of the old makes way for the new!
  2. Over the next 28 days aim to have your house completely organised. You may like to sit down and plan the month; set yourself weekly goals and what rooms or cupboard you will work on first. Having a plan makes it a lot easier to stick to.
  3. Remember your mantra ‘unless it’s useful or beautiful I don’t need it’.
  4. Plan your next adventure — make it exciting and fun and maybe away from the shops!



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